I’d like to introduce myself to you. I’m a Family Nurse Practitioner who recently started a private practice at Kwan Yin East as a primary care provider. I was drawn to an integrative medical setting because it became clear to me after working for the last 6 years in conventional medical/clinic settings, that the care I was providing was not what I had envisioned my practice to be. I wanted to actualize my desire to provide holistic relationship based, heart-centered egalitarian primary care. I believe an integrative setting will allow me to practice medicine from a preventative and wellness perspective.

My background is complex and layered. As a survivor of childhood trauma, I developed a visceral drive to care for others. To make others feel safe, loved and valued. The foundation of my practice is to provide a safe and non-judgmental space for individuals to feel and be their most vulnerable selves. For this reason, I enjoy working with trauma survivors. Over the years of working specifically with women, I’ve developed strategies based on love, healing and consent which I incorporate into my visits. My clinic room is open to each and every experience that walks in and it’s my goal to embark with my patients on figuring out their health care needs collaboratively. I view my role as PCP as a partnership. I trust the patient to be the expert in their own body/mind and believe my role is to advise, support and empower.

I began my career 20 years ago planning to become a midwife. I loved sitting with women during their most vulnerable times and the realness of birth attracted me to medicine. As a young home birth assistant, I loved sitting in the unknown and unpredictable nature of the birthing environment, just holding space and providing support. It is that passion that I still bring to my exam room when I see patients. No situation is ever “too much”, all are welcome.

I also have a passion for working with women during adolescence and peri/post-menopause. I love demystifying the human body, talking to women directly about their bodies, cycles, sexuality, contraception and starting a dialogue where none of these topics are taboo. It is an honor to sit with women, listen to stories and invite conversations about health and wellness to be weaved through interactions.

Maya Strom FNP-C, DNP